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Located in Huangyan District. It has been specializing in producing plastic injection moulds. LEFN Mould provide the moulds and the plastic products to lots of areas all around the world such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Africa etc.

Q1- How many engineers you have? and also in workshop?

A3 senior engineers , more than 10 technical designers, Total with 70 employees.

Q2- What do you need for offer an offical quotation ?

AUsually we need the 3D files of customers' project or original sample, material, quantity of the injection parts, and surface treatment customer need. What's more, if experienced customers have clear requirements on mould cavity, mould steel brand, hot runner brand and mould structure will be much better.

Q3- How long is the mould life you offered?

AMold life is based on the mould steel you choice. For example, P20 steel can use 300,000 shots, 718 steel can use 500,000 shots, S136 steel can use 1,000,000 shots.

Q4- Is it possible to know how are my mould going on without visiting your company?

AWe will provide a detailed production schedule and send mould weekly reports with pictures and videos which show the machining progress.

Q5- How many mold you make annually.

AOur main market are South East and Middle East, around 300 sets per one year; with other countries 600 sets in total.

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